Anthony Azizi
Name Anthony Azizi
Birth Date May 29, 1969
Birth Place New York City, New York, US
Family Cymbeline Smith (wife)
Kambel and Smith (twin sons)
Years Active 1996-present

Anthony Azizi (born Kamal Rowshan) is an American actor and producer, of Iranian descent, with an extensive and rich career that includes popular roles in 24 and Lost.


Anthony Azizi started his career as a child acting in plays for the Touchstone Theater in Bethlehem, PA. He also started writing and staging his own plays at the age of eight and continued in the arts throughout all of his schooling. Azizi attended Freedom High School and attributes the love for acting and the inspiration to the opportunities offered. Anthony was accepted to Muhlenberg College with a soccer scholarship, but soon fell into acting once again and received his BFA in Theater Arts and soon was performing in many of the plays and musicals there. He starred in the world premier of South Pacific Snow and was nominated for an Irene Ryan award for his portrayal in The Miss Firecracker Contest.

Upon graduating, Azizi moved straight to New York and did not waste any time starting to do plays all over New York including working at the famed Ensemble Studio Theater and the Thirteenth St. Reparatory Company. It was at the 13th Street Rep where he finally got noticed in New York in the play Three of a Kind. The play landed him his first agent and soon it was off to Los Angeles. Anthony ran his own theater company in New York called The Clandestine Group which used 13th Street's space to stage its own productions.

Once in LA he was hired to play in the Universal feature McHale's Navy, one of his first and biggest breaks in his career. Soon after other roles started coming in including Three Kings, For Richer or Poorer, Tomcats, and many TV guest spots working with some of the best in the business. In 2001 came The Lost Battalion, a film which received critical acclaim for A & E.

In 2003 Azizi landed his first series in ABC's one hour drama Threat Matrix After extensive research, it came to light that Anthony was the first Iranian American actor in history to be a series regular on a network one hour drama and holds this as one of the most crowning achievements in his career.

Anthony continued to work in many series after including Dragnet, NYPD Blue, The Shield, The West Wing, Gilmore Girls to name a few. In 2002, he recurred as Mamud Faheen on the series 24; and then again in 2005 as Rafique. He has also recurred on Desperate Housewives playing Mr. Falati.

In 2005 Azizi was asked to do the series Commander in Chief. He played Vince Taylor, Chief Aid to the President of the United States, and his character was gay and had HIV. The show received a People's Choice Award nomination in 2005, as well as a GLAAD nomination for best series primarily because of his portrayal of Vince Taylor.

Many other guest spots came then including CSI Miami, Without a Trace, Sleeper Cell, and Criminal Minds (that episode won a couple of awards).

In 2006 starred in the film American East for director Hesham Issawi. The film has been an official selection for many of the world's most prominent film festivals and has won numerous awards.

Anthony Azizi is currently recurring on the TV series Lost playing Omar.

Criminal MindsEdit

Azizi portrayed a suspected terrorist detainee in Guantanamo Bay that was revealed to be Jamal Abaza, a known Al-Qaeda member, in an episode of Criminal Minds. He then portrayed Arkem Sarkis in the episode Denial.

Filmography (selection)Edit

  • McHale's Navy (1997) - Bad News Henchman
  • For Richer or Poorer (1997) - Malik the Cabbie
  • Three Kings (1999) (unaccredited) - Iraqi Rebel
  • Tomcats (2001) - Sikh Elvis Chaplain
  • The Agency - Pilot (2001) TV episode - Middle East Watcher
  • That's Life - Boo! (2001) TV episode - Shopkeeper
  • Tequila Express (2002) - Gregory Adams
  • JAG - Code Blue (1997) and Head to Toe (2002) TV episodes - Lt. Alex Zahar
  • Breaking News - The Story Vanishes (2002) TV episode - Arab Leader
  • 24 - Day 2: 2:00 p.m.-3:00 p.m. and Day 2: 3:00 p.m.-4:00 p.m. (2002) TV episodes - Mamud Rasheed Faheen
  • Dragnet - Frame of Mind (2004) TV episode - John Saadi
  • The Shield - All In (2004) TV episode - Petrosh
  • Gilmore Girls - A Messenger, Nothing More (2004) TV episode - Luciano
  • Threat Matrix - 15 episodes (2003-2004) TV episodes - Mohammad 'Mo' Hassain
  • NYPD Blue - Sergeant Sipowicz' Lonely Hearts Club Band (2005) TV episode - Nestor Duarte
  • The West Wing - The Wake Up Call (2005) TV episode - Asefi Hossein Kamal Bin Hamid/Chet
  • 24 - Day 4: 9:00 p.m.-10:00 p.m. and Day 4: 10:00 p.m.-11:00 p.m. (2005) TV episodes - Rafique
  • Commander in Chief - 19 episodes (2005-2006) TV episodes - Vince Taylor
  • Desperate Housewives - Nice She Ain't and Like It Was (2006) TV episodes - Mr. Falati
  • Criminal Minds - Lessons Learned (2006) TV episode - Jind Allah/Jamal Abaza
  • Sleeper Cell - School (2006) TV episode - Yasser
  • Without a Trace - Tail Spin (2007) TV episode - Ghalib Al-Nayhan
  • Las Vegas - Pharaoh 'Nuff (2007) TV episode - Levon Najar
  • CSI: Miami - Just Murdered (2007) TV episode - Allen Comden
  • Veronica Mars - Un-American Graffiti (2007) TV episode - Rashad Krimani
  • Head Case - Best Laid Plans (2008) TV episode - Dr. Banerjee
  • Eagle Eye (2008) - Ranim Khalid
  • The Unit - Inquisition (2008) TV episode - Amin Al-Nura
  • Chuck - Chuck Versus the DeLorean (2008) TV episode - Sheik Rajiv Amad
  • Prison Break - S.O.B. and VS. (2009) TV episodes - Naveen Banarjee
  • Lie to Me - Sacrifice (2009) TV episode - Omar Kahn
  • FlashForward - A561984 (2009) TV episode - Samad
  • The Deep End - Where There's Smoke (2010) TV episode - Benjamin Faraz
  • Lost - 7 episodes (2008-2010) TV episodes - Omar
  • The Mentalist - 1 episode (2010) TV episode - Louis Anglet
  • Leverage - 1 episode (2010) TV episode - Vezarat Leader
  • Gigantic - 3 episodes (2010) TV episodes - Mr. Khandon
  • Faith in Common (2010)
  • CSI: NY - 1 episode (2011) TV episode - Broxton Langley
  • Priest (2011) - Farsi Speaking Vendor
  • Transformers: Dark of the Moon (2011) - Lt. Sulimani
  • Single Ladies - 6 episodes (2011) TV episodes - Wes Domingus
  • 90210 - 8 episodes (2011) TV episodes - Uncle Amal
  • Person of Interest - 1 episode (2011) TV episode - Yusuf
  • This Narrow Place (2011) - Fouad
  • Of Two Minds (2012) - Dr. Lewis
  • Guns, Girls and Gambling (2012) - Mr. Crow
  • NCIS: Los Angeles - 1 episode (2012) TV episode - Adanan Al-Ahmadi
  • CSI: Crime Scene Investigation - 1 episode (2012) TV episode - Adrian Dinan
  • Grey's Anatomy - 1 episode (2013) TV episode - Syrian Doctor
  • Brooklyn Nine-Nine - 1 episode (2013) TV episode - Ahmed
  • Sons of Anarchy - 2 episodes (2013) TV episodes - Amir Ghanezi
  • Guardian Angel (2014) - Dr. Hooshang Kazemi
  • Madam Secretary - 1 episode (2014) TV episode - Minister of Oil Barakar
  • Always Faithful (2014) - Sayyid
  • Rita Mahtoubian Is Not A Terrorist (2015) (short) - Uncle Dariush
  • American Odyssey - 4 episodes (2015) TV episodes - Yusuf
  • Septembers of Shiraz (2015) - Mehdi
  • Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders - Denial (2016) TV episode - Arkem Sarkis



  • Played in a rock band growing up.
  • Was the Homecoming King of his high school.
  • Azizi has a production company with his friend Kurt Caceres.
  • Anthony's sister, Mona, was a reporter for an ABC affiliate news station in New York.
  • Azizi is involved in Equality Now and The Noor Film Festival which he co-founded.
  • Anthony Azizi is a member of the Baha'i Faith, the guiding compass in his life.

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