Cannibalism (Anthropophagy) usually refers to the act or practice of humans consuming human flesh. It is usually caused by some cultural reason, famine when no other options remain, or by insanity.

On Beyond Borders Edit

  • Antonio Cayetan ("Love Interrupted") - A delusional man believing he was an Aztec warrior. As a result, he emulated one of their rituals, in which they would remove the heart, hands, and feet of their male victims; cook them; and eat them.

Real World Edit

Confirmed Edit

Annecdotal Edit

Suspected Edit

  • Jack the Ripper claimed to have eaten half of a kidney in the "From Hell" letter, but its authorship is disputed.
  • The FBI's BAU put forward a theory that the Monster of Florence's reason to remove the genitals from his female victims was in part his desire to eat them.

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