Emily Prentiss
Name Emily Prentiss
Alias Lauren Reynolds
Gender Female
Birth Date October 12, 1970
Family Elizabeth Prentiss (mother)
Unnamed father (status unknown)
Unborn child (deceased)
Unnamed grandfather (deceased)
Occupation BAU Unit Chief
Former chief of the London Interpol Office
Former BAU Supervisory Special Agent
Former JTF-12 member
Status Alive
Portrayed By Paget Brewster
First Appearance Type A

Emily Prentiss is the current Unit Chief of the BAU.


Due to her mother's diplomatic background, Prentiss traveled a lot when she was a child, living in several middle eastern countries and at one point in Rome. As a result of her wanting to fit in, she became pregnant as a teenager in Rome. When she went to talk to her priest, he said that if she got an abortion, she would not be welcome in the church. One of her friends, Matthew Benton, encouraged her to go to an abortion clinic, and after the abortion, he helped her find the courage to come back to church. She graduated from Garfield High School in 1989 and was a goth at the time.

In her first appearance, she recognizes Aaron Hotchner from one of his first commands: security clearances for her mother, Elizabeth Prentiss, a U.S. diplomat. Her arrival surprises both Hotch and Jason Gideon, as neither of them had signed off on the transfer. Prentiss insists her parents have not pulled strings for her. Ultimately, she joins the team on a probationary basis as a replacement for Agent Elle Greenaway.

She is a graduate of Yale and has been working for the FBI for a little under ten years, primarily in the Midwest. Due to spending her early life with her parents on diplomatic missions to the Middle East, she speaks fluent Arabic and is familiar with that area's local culture. She also speaks fluent Spanish, French, and Italian and some Russian. She appears skilled at chess, and it is possible that she is better at the game than Spencer Reid. JJ once asked Prentiss how she could handle the stress from being with the BAU, especially since her last position was a desk job. Hotch concurred that she had "never blinked," and Prentiss could only reason that she "compartmentalizes better than most". After a bad date in the following episode, she admits to Derek Morgan that she is a "nerd," despite how much she tries to hide it. For this reason, she hasn't had much success romantically. She discovers that she and Morgan share similar tastes in books when they begin discussing Kurt Vonnegut, particularly Slaughterhouse 5.

On Beyond BordersEdit


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