Russ Montgomery
Name Russell Montgomery
Gender Male
Family Unnamed mother
Unnamed grandmother
Job FBI technical analyst
Rank Civilian personnel
Status Alive
Portrayed By Tyler James Williams
First Appearance "Beyond Borders (Pilot Episode)"

Russell "Monty" Montgomery is the technical analyst of the FBI's International Response Team, which is featured in Beyond Borders. He and part of his team were introduced in Season Ten of Criminal Minds.


Little is known about Monty, other than he got a job with the FBI as a technical analyst. Through this job, he shares personal history with Garcia, who is a good friend of his. The exact nature of their friendship, or the cause of it, is currently unknown. Monty was assigned under Jack Garrett and his International Response Team, which specializes in helping Americans abroad. Much like Garcia, he upheld a positive attitude, though he shows it in a different way. In addition to his job as a technical analyst, he liaises with the families of victims on the American homeland while the rest of his group is away.

On The JobEdit

Beyond Borders (Pilot Episode)Edit

Monty reunites with Garcia and are paired up in the investigation. The two interrogate the Sullivan grandparents, and during the interrogation, Monty gives them some comfort, and when they said that Greg, the father, would not let anyone hurt his family without a fight, Monty compliments the attitude. After the interrogation, Garcia discusses with Monty about what he said, and he replies that the relatives need to feel hopeful. During the investigation, Monty and Garcia examine the airport security footage to see how the unsub is able to target and abduct his victims. Later, after a list of suspects is narrowed down to a man named Jerry Tidwell, they look up more information on him. After the case is solved, Monty, along with the other members of the two teams, watch as the Sullivans are reunited with their relatives.

Season OneEdit


  • In his office, he keeps trinkets from all around the world, given to him by his team members, along with a "dream board" of accomplishments and locations that he wishes to visit. (Denial)
  • In many of the first season's episodes, whenever he brief the team about a new case, Monty would greet them with a phrase from whichever language is spoken in the country they are dispatched to, indicating prior knowledge of various cultures he has encountered in the line of work.
  • He likes to sketch, saying it "keeps [him] motivated" and implies that he inherited that from his mother. (Beyond Borders (Pilot Episode))
  • Monty enjoys tea, but does not drink coffee. (Denial)
  • Monty believes in the Yeti. (Abominable)
  • He has a tendency to dress smartly, which can be due to the fact that he is often required to meet with families of victims to comfort them or convey information to them.