This drug-related article is intended solely for informational purposes as pertaining to Beyond Borders. It is in no way intended to endorse, advertise, or otherwise glorify the use of these drugs for any reason. Drugs are bad, m'kay?

Scopolamine (also referred to as hyoscine hydrobromide or scopolamine hydrobromide) is a drug used for motion sickness.


Scopolamine is used to treat motion sickness, sea sickness (leading to its popularity with scuba divers), gastrointestinal spasms, renal or biliary spasms, irritable bowel syndrome, clozapine-induced drooling, bowel colic, and eye inflammation. It is also used, in some cases, as a pre-medication to surgeries, usually those meant to reduce respiratory tract secretions.

Uncommonly, there are side-effects to using the drug. They usually range from a dry mouth to itching. Rarer side-effects include agitation, confusion, restlessness, and even hallucinations, though these have a probability of less than 0.1% in occurrence.

Beyond BordersEdit

Female budding serial killer by proxy Rosa Fernandez and her street children used scopolamine to coerce their victims into emptying out their bank accounts and transferring the money to Rosa. Afterwards, Fernandez would force the still-drugged victims to commit suicide.

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