Umm isn't it a little redundant to have Beyond Borders on a separate wiki? I mean criminal minds is basically a franchise regardless if a spinoff failed after one season so wouldn't it make sense for the criminal minds wikia to include pages about suspect behavior and beyond borders, similar to the law and order wikia which includes the mothership and all four spinoffs all on one wikia. The criminal minds wiki should contain information about all shows in the franchise rather than having,mas far as I know, two wikias for two shows in the same franchise. That way we can find all information about the shows on one wiki. Beyond Borders is only 2 episodes in so its not to late to shift existing pages from this wiki onto the criminal minds wiki. That's just my opinion, feel free to put yours.

There's a page for each spinoff in the mothership wikia, and there should be links there to each shows' wikias, same as there are clearly marked links here that direct you to the Criminal Minds Wiki.
Comparing Criminal Minds and its spinoffs to, let's say the CSI series isn't completely correct because while the latter was about the exact same kind of Units only from different cities, the Units the Criminal Minds franchise is portraying are:
- The BAU in Criminal Minds,
- The Global Response Team in Beyond Borders, and
- A out-of-the-books Unit that doesn't exist, and probably the main reason it failed, in Suspect Behavior.
Based on real life or not, all are shown as being part of the real National Center for the Analysis of Violent Crime (NCAVC) of the FBI. So given that each show has its own personality, each having its own wikia reflecting that was the correct thing to do. - Mvpl TALK (BB Wiki Admin) 14:28, March 29, 2016 (UTC)
  The same could be said about the Law & Order franchise. Excluding Trial by Jury and LA, the original and the 2 successful spinoffs portray different units of the NYPD :
       - The Homicide Unit as well as the District Attorney's Office in Law & Order,
       - The Special Victims Unit in L&O: SVU, and
       - A fictionalized version of The Major Case Squad in Criminal Intent.
 The other spinoffs portray:
        - exclusively the District Attorney's Office as well as focusing more on the trials in Trial by Jury, and
        - The Homicide Unit of the LAPD in L&O:LA.
Im just saying it would be alot easier if all shows, episodes, characters and what not were all located on one wikia. But what you goes and i respect that.

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