Season 2, Episode 2
Devils' Breathing
Air date March 22, 2017
Written by Adam Glass
Directed by Oz Scott
"Lost Souls"
"Cinderella and the Dragon"

"The Devil's Breath" is the second episode of Season Two of Beyond Borders.


When an American empties his bank account prior to his apparent suicide in Colombia, the IRT investigate to see if someone was behind his death.

Guest CastEdit

  • Karina Arroyave - Rosa Fernandez
  • Hector Luis Bustamante - Detective Benavides
  • Lia Chapman - Ramona Ynez
  • Juliocesar Chavez - Romeo
  • Sandra Echevarria - Paola
  • Daniel Faraldo - Coroner Falcao
  • Anthony Gonzalez - Street Kid #1
  • Emma Loewen - Street Kid #2
  • Andrea Londo - Canela
  • Marco Antonio Martinez - Smooth Talker
  • Joshua Snyder - Drew Dafoe
  • Andre Manuel Suarez - Bagger
  • Andrew Thacher - Bob Cosgrove

Referenced CriminalsEdit

  • Pablo Escobar


  • "Porro Bonito" by Orquesta Ritmo de Sabanas

Bookend QuotesEdit

  • Jack Garrett: A Colombian proverb says, "Poverty does not destroy virtue, nor wealth distill it."


  • Though this is the second produced episode of the season, it aired as the third, because the season was scheduled out-of-order.
  • This is the first episode to take place in South America, which (along with Oceania) was the only continent not visited in Season One.

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