Gonzalez sisters
Name Alma and Teresa Gonzalez
Type Spree Killers
Country of Origin Mexico
Area of Operation Tijuana, Mexico
Affiliation Each other
Ideology Santa Muerte Worship
Leader None specific
Modus Operandi Throat slashing
No. of Mutual Victims 3 killed
1 attempted
Appx no. of Members 2 (1 deceased, 1 incarcerated)
First Appearance La Huesuda

Alma and Teresa Gonzalez were a pair of spree killer sisters and abductors who appeared in La Huesuda.

Background Edit

La Huesuda Edit

Modus Operandi Edit

Profile Edit

Real-Life Comparison Edit

The sisters combine characteristics of several Mexican killing teams:

  • Las Poquianchis, four sisters reputed to be one of the most prolific serial killing teams in the world, and whose family name was also González.
  • The Meraz Family, who ritually sacrificed three people to Santa Muerte between 2009 and 2012.
  • The Hernández Brothers Sect, a neo-Aztec cult that sacrificed people by carving their hearts out, and whose last victim was a police officer.
  • Adolfo Constanzo and the Narcosatanists, a cult and drug cartel who killed their victims with a single blow from a cutting tool (a machete in their case, rather than a sickle), hanged their bodies with a wire, chopped off their members and removed head-based organs to be used in their rituals (each done to a different victim in the sisters' case). Also, in both cases, the group killed a visiting American student (Mark Kilroy in the Narcosatanists' case and Lee Kern in the sisters'), prompting a joint Mexican-American investigation that led to the discovery and dismantlement of the group.

Known Victims Edit

  • Lee Kern (painted red and hung in a public square post-mortem)
  • Robert Miller (painted black, dismembered, stuffed cigars and alcohol down his throat, and dumped under a bridge post-mortem)
  • Julio Salazar (stuffed cigars down his throat and removed his eyes post-mortem)
  • Officer Roberto Calderon (knocked out, abducted, and intended to kill; was rescued)

Appearances Edit

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