Season 1, Episode 8
Air date April 6, 2016
Written by Ticona S. Joy
Directed by Constantine Makris
"The Matchmaker"

"The Lonely Heart" is the eighth episode of Season One of Beyond Borders.


The IRT heads to Paris to search for an unsub targeting Americans who live there.

Guest CastEdit

  • Lothaire Bluteau - Commissaire Pierre Clement
  • Anna Campbell - Alexandra Lafayette
  • Hélène Cardona - French Newscaster (voice)
  • Cherish Monique Duke - Renée Alston
  • Kate Hamilton - Katherine Barker
  • Elisabeth Hower - Samantha Wade
  • A. Leslie Kies - Amy Wallace
  • Daniel Messier - Doctor Alain Gilles
  • Ivo Nandi - Paul Mossier
  • Hadeel Sittu - Sheila Martin
  • Meredith Riley Stewart - Bianca Lewis
  • Bobby T. - Officer Rankin

Referenced CriminalsEdit


  • "Les Nuages" by Aimee Allen
  • "J'ai deux amours" by Josephine Baker
  • "J'ai deux amours - Remix" by Enzo Enzo

Bookend QuotesEdit

  • Jack Garrett: "The bonds between ourselves and another person exists only in our minds." Marcel Proust


  • Though this is the eighth produced episode, it aired as the fifth, and back-to-back with Whispering Death, because the season was scheduled out-of-order.
  • Kate Hamilton, the actress who portrayed Katherine Barker, previously appeared in an earlier episode of the series' parent show Criminal Minds.
  • According to the Beyond Borders official Twitter, the mental hospital that appears in this episode was named after the historical French physician Philippe Pinel.

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