Singapore smugglers
Name Unknown
Type Contraband Trafficking Ring
Country of Origin Singapore
Area of Operation Singapore
Leader Al Gui
No. of Mutual Victims 2+ killed
1 abducted
1 attempted
Appx no. of Members 5 (3 incarcerated, 2 deceased)
First Appearance Cinderella and the Dragon

The Singapore Trafficking Ring (exact name unknown) was a smuggling ring that appeared in Cinderella and the Dragon.


Cinderella and the DragonEdit

Modus OperandiEdit


No official profile of the smuggling ring was made by the IRT, as they initially believed that Kathy Hall was a single unsub acting alone.

Known MembersEdit

  • Al Gui (leader; incarcerated). Portrayed by Osric Chau.
  • Scott Davis (incarcerated). Portrayed by Brandon Barash.
  • Han Bo Sheng (deceased). Portrayed by an uncredited actor.
  • Two unnamed men (one deceased, the other incarcerated). Both portrayed by uncredited actors.

Known VictimsEdit

  • Presumably committed numerous crimes prior to Cinderella and the Dragon
  • 2016:
    • Virginia, U.S.: Will Hall (Kathy's brother and Jane's boyfriend; abducted and held captive; was rescued)
    • Singapore:
      • The airport attack:
        • Jane Wicks (assaulted, then fatally strangled with a scarf)
        • Kathy Hall (assaulted and attempted to kill; she escaped)
      • Han Bo Sheng (member; drowned)
      • The storage unit standoff:
        • Kathy Hall (abducted and intended to kill; was rescued)
        • Jack Garrett (an unnamed member attempted to shoot him)


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